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The HOJ Project

A mock-up of one possible cover

Welcome to The Heart of Jacks Project, created by Paul Rosenberg (me).

Eventually, much of the project will live here on this site, but for now, you can visit my Patreon Page to learn all about the project and to add your support. 

The Heart of Jacks

The History and Culture of Jack-Off Clubs

The Heart of Jacks Project is, first, a written history of the modern jack-off club phenomenon as it first appeared in 1980s New York City and then spread and developed around the world through the turn of the Century up to the present day. 

It will publish as a series of books that together make up a singular history of a unique and enduring cultural experience.

The Heart of Jacks Podcast

The Heart of Jacks Podcast is a weekly interview show about sex. The subject matter largely emerges from the Jacks experience, so it is an offshoot of the work I’ve been doing on the book and fully part of the HOJ Project. The podcast ranges beyond JO clubs to sex in general, while returning to the much more narrow example of men masturbating with other men. It seeks to expand understanding of sexual expression with a “big tent” view of sexuality that focuses on human joy and basic compassion.

I hope you will support the project through that Patreon link and that you’ll listen to the podcast and engage with me. 

Got questions? The podcast has my contact info. Give an episode or three a listen and get in touch. That’s everything for now! 

Work in Progress

The Heart of Jacks Project is a one-man show and, to be honest, this web site is probably the last priority for me, so please don’t spend a lot of time here yet. I am devoting my time and energy to writing a book and producing a podcast. The web site will happen when it’s time.

Until then, please visit my Patreon page or listen to my podcast. That’s where the action is.