X Goes to the Jacks Prep

Thanks for taking time to fill in this form! You have been asked to complete it so that you can be fully prepared for a conversation that tells your story about your experience at jack-off clubs. Everything you put in this form is 100% confidential and is more for you than it is for me! After you are finished and submit it, you will receive a copy of all your questions and answers, which you can use as a reference or reminder when we do the interview.

These really are all of the questions the interview is built on. We might go off on tangents or I may ask you to expand on something, but I just want to tell the real story of how regular guys like you and me enjoy and attend group JO gatherings, which we both already know, and to help listeners of the podcast understand the unique benefits we get from the Jacks. The goal here is to help you feel less nervous and more prepared.

Please complete all answers, even if they are not required. Again, thank you for completing this form and for letting me interview you about your experience with the Jacks!

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This can be your real first name or an alias. I will know your real name, but the audience doesn’t need to know it! If you prefer to keep your name confidential, let me know what first name you prefer to use. Please choose a basic, believable, common name. If you are okay to use your real name, by all means use it!
Please use the same email address we have used to communicate in the past. Your Zoom invitation will be sent to this address.
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